Middle Man service - it's secure transaction between seller and buyer.
  • - Save your time and nerves.
  • - Protect buyer from scam.
  • - Minimizes chance for account recall.
  • - Safe and fast deal.
  • - Protect seller from money recall.
  • - Payment on different E-Wallets.

Standard Middle Man service. Commission - 10% from deal or 10€ if less than 100€

- We create a chat, where we discuss the terms of transaction and description of goods.

- I accept founds from customer on my E-Wallets.

- Seller provides goods like in description.

- Buyer confirms receipt of goods or confirms change of personnal data if it's account sale.

- Seller receive money for their goods.

* Way of middleman transaction can be changed.

Account check service. Commission - 15% from deal or 15€ if deal less than 100€
If you want to be more secured, we can do full check of account,mail and seller.
We help you change all info in right way.
It's minimizes chance for account recall.
It's minimizes chance for get locked account in game or website.


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